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Hi, my name is Stefania.

After spending many years working in the medical field, I have become more and more aware that many health issues and chronic conditions are rooted in behaviors and habits that start long before a disease manifests and can often be preventable through changes in four main areas of our life: lifestyle, exercise, attitude, nutrition.

Many times medications will not be as effective on our health if we don't also work on root causes, what we eat, how we live.

After taking my Certification in Health Coaching through the Dr. Sear Wellness Institute, I am now passionate in educating and supporting families, children and adults in these crucial areas of life, so that they may experience a transformation in their own health and wellness, prevent chronic disease, regain energy, loose weight.

I do this through educational sessions, group coaching and 1:1 coaching where we set the strategies that will best help you achieve your goals.

Infact, isn't it true that despite our best intentions, succeding in a healthy lifestyle is not easy? We find ourselves falling into the same old habits over and over.

Take courage! Often it is not a matter of will or self-discipline...many times not even of knowledge.

It is mostly about discovering your inner motivation, allowing yourself to visualize where you want to go and finding the strategies that will allow you to overcome the unhealthy habits with support and guidance.

I am here to help you with that!

I am also a FertilityCare practitioner certified through the Saint Pope Paul VI Institute.


I work with couples or women that wish to better understand their fertility teaching them the Creighton Model System, a natural method for fertility appreciation.

Having a personal experience of going through many years of infertility, I have a special care for women experiencing this same challenge in their lives and I help them get to the root cause of their condition and work on it.


My personal experience together with working with many women going through the same struggle, allowed me to realize how the choices we make in life have an incredible impact on our health, whether it is dealing with stress, eating a clean diet, sleeping well, managing emotions.

As a Certifies Health Coach and FertilityCare Practitioner, I am dedicated to helping women get to the root cause of their infertility and work on it.

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